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Marketing people love the new buzzword, content marketing. Engage with your customers, create a buzz and hey ho, be social. Keeping your website up-to-date gives visitors a reason to keep talking about you. Nothing new. But... it can be a rather time consuming (and costly) affair.

There is an easier and most likely more affordable way. Parnassia Media can provide you on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly, your choice) with news that is relevant for your specific market, industry, product and local area.

We customize news stories based on our research and tailor it to your needs, we can send you online cuttings (links to relevant news stories) and we write case studies, as it is such an easy marketing tool that you should consider.

We feed you with customized content from a database of international news sources and have a worldwide network of journalist, researchers and data-analysts. We help you enter new markets, and provide local news and market feeds for your offices in other countries than the UK.

Though we know a thing or two about marketing, we are not marketing boffins. We are rooted in journalism and our history goes back to the 1990s. So we know definitely a thing or three about writing and that might just be the trick you need to get the buzz going.

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