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Producing multi-language editions of an English publication can be complicated:
* Translated text is never the same in length as the source text.
* Multilingual DTP is more than copying and pasting.
* Fonts hardly ever function properly on all languages.
* Some languages read from right to left and from back to front.

If you supply an existing layout as a template for the foreign language editions, our language editors work directly in this layout, to prevent errors that are easily overseen by a non-native speaker. If fonts are required we advice on which type would be suitable.

If you prefer to handle the DTP in-house, we supply a translation that is very close in length to the source text. An example: when we were asked to translate the official UEFA EURO 2008™ 148-page preview and 200-page preview guide (together in total around 100,000 words into 8 different European languages) we edited all translations to the English word count, making the DTP process a smooth in-house operation for the publisher.

No layout yet and no in-house facilities either? Our (bilingual) designers can help you with bespoke design for brochures, magazines, advertorials, flyers and websites.

You'd be surprised what we achieve. We comfortably handle - simultaneously and within tight deadlines - the translation and editing of a 68-page magazine celebrating a new luxury car into Dutch, Chinese and Russian.

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