Parnassia Media Ltd

PARNASSIA MEDIA LTD is rooted in copywriting and journalism. We are excellent writers in any language and produce creative copy that grabs attention.

We provide you with first class English and foreign language copy for:

* websites - How to put your business into words? Most website design companies don't help you with the content, while that can be a daunting task. We provide content in English and other languages. Call us for more information about a professional - yet affordable - online profile of your company. We have been writing company profiles for many years and will give your business just a little bit of extra panache.

* magazines - We have been involved with customer magazines for more than 14 years and worked for some of the biggest  brands, like Eurostar, Ikea, Jaguar, Volvo and UEFA.

* newsletters - Got something to tell on a regular basis? Then do it! Your clients will like it and you create a real social buzz around your organisation.

* e-letters - Keep your existing clients around the world by email up-to-date in their own language. It's direct, fast and cost-effective.

* in-house magazines/newsletters - Keep your employees up-to-date with what's going on in your organisation.


* advertorials - Buy space in newspapers and magazines and tell your own story. But always use a professional copywriter for maximum impact.

* press releases - We know how to get noticed by newsdesks and write directly in many different languages. Got something to tell the market in Spain? Then just write it in Spanish!
We will also provide you with a list of (international) target publications and can take care of the mailing process.

Tel: +44 (0)1884 841366
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